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High resolution Vinyl Ripping to DSD or PCM
‘Great sound from my favourite LP’s, the DSD digital copies play much better than a CD, and even the CD quality copies capture a richer sound than bought CDs for when I am travelling. My family members without turntables now also have their old favourite LPs to play wherever they want to (made great birthday presents). Vinyl Unlocked service is unique.

Chris – Cardiff

'I didn't believe that the LP to CD transfers VU supplied were sourced from my LPs; they sound too good! I think Ian was right about cleaning making the difference. The Apple Lossless files were added to iTunes with the minimum of fuss.'

Richard - Andover

'Very pleased. By using VU I have avoided the need for a new stylus and now I have the convienience of CDs with that LP sound. No need to leap out of my chair to turn the disc over.'

Edwin - Manchester

’The recording [DSD128] is great; the sound is so warm but keeping such clarity. Was a
pleasure doing business, I've happily passed word on to friends.

Charles - Wolverhampton